“It’s excellent, thank you, couldn’t have asked for more and the lads were excellent too!”

Mr H, Bridport, Jul 18.


“Yes, we are very happy with the work, it looks lovely when the sun reflects along the fence line as it slopes down the garden”

Mr and Mrs W, Bridport, Jun 18


“All fine, thank you”.

Mr B, Charmouth, Jun 18.


“Very good thank you!”

Mr H, Beaminster, Jun 18.


“Very happy, thank you.  Lads, extremely careful and all looks good”.

Mr B, Dorchester, Jun 18.



“Thank you, did a lovely job!”

Mr E, Netherbury, Jun 18.



“Everything was fine, thank you.”

Mr B, Somerset, Jun 18.



Looks great, worked really well, lads that came were all very helpful.  Thank you”.

Mrs T, Beaminster, Jun 18.


“Your men did an extremely good job”.

Mr B, Yeovil, Jun 18.


“Thank you all for a lovely fence”.

Mrs A, Bridport, Jun 18.


“Your guys were so nice, nothing was too much trouble.  Did a lovely job, thank you!”

Mrs G, Beaminster, Jun 18.



“Everything is beautiful, lovely, they did a good job!”

Mrs M, Weymouth, Jun 18.


“Yes, fantastic, thank you.  A really good job very pleased.  Thank you for our fence!”

Mr B, Bridport, Jun 18.


“Absolutely fine, delighted, thank you!”

Mr A, Bridport, Jun 18.


“On time, cheerful, friendly, looks ok and pretty neat, thank you!”

Mrs W, Bridport, May 18.


“Looks fine, thank you”.

Mr and Mrs N, Dorchester, May 18.


“Very happy with the way it all went, thank you”.

Mr and Mrs H, Bridport, May 18.


“All good, thank you”.

Mr S, Dorset, May 18.


“Very impressed with effectiveness, efficiency and pleasantness of your people who did this job”.

Mr M, Somerset, May 18.


“Thank you, very pleased, all good”.

Mrs G, Beaminster, May 18.


“Very nice, thank you, very pleased”.

Mr and Mrs S, Beaminster, May 18.


“Very, very happy as always, your service that you provide is exceptional!”

Mr C, Bridport, May 18.


“Absolutely fine, all good thank you”.

Mr S, Beaminster, May 18.


“Lovely, excellent, looks great, a really lovely job – liked our ‘can do’ attitude”.

Mr G, Bridport, May 18.



“Absolutely brilliant.  They were good guy, very helpful, professional, couldn’t fault them!”

Mrs L, Ilminster, May 18.


“Very, very happy, did a brilliant job.  Very helpful accommodated our requests”.

Mr M, Axminster, May 18.



“It’s all fine, thank you”.

Mr C, Bridport, May 18.


“Many thanks to all at John Bright’s – fabulous service and fitting”.

Mr and Mrs H, Bridport, Apr 18.



“Very happy did a really good job, excellent!  Very neat and tidy”.

Mrs T, Bridport, Apr 18.


“Everything ok thanks, The chap that did the work was great.  Thanks again”.

Mr S, Seaton, Apr 18.


“Really good, very pleased”.

Mr B, Somerset, Apr 18.

“John Bright’s entire service from first contact, through John coming to do the estimate to the work being completed by Rob and Stu was excellent. This process also included us changing our minds on the type of fencing. Nothing was too much trouble and we were advised all the way through by the incredibly helpful back office team and the front desk”.

“We are delighted with the final results and would have no hesitation in using John Bright Fencing again, or in recommending them to anyone else”.

“Many thanks!

Mr and Mrs A, Weymouth, Apr 18.


“All fine, looking good thank you”

Mr B, Bridport, Apr 18.


“Just like to say many thanks for supplying our new kennel.  It was really easy to put up 3 men 3 hours and one cooked breakfast all done!”

“Super quick delivery and many thanks to Beth for arranging a speedy delivery”.

Mr and Mrs W, Bristol, Mar 18.


“All good, thank you!”

Mr and Mrs L, Bridport, Mar 18.



“Very happy, thank you!”

Mr and Mrs R, Dorset, Feb 18.




“Very satisfied with the new fencing.  Persevered with some really wet weather and left no mess; amazing given the day.

Mr and Mrs H, Dorchester, Mar 18.



“Thank you for an excellent job, well done!”

Mrs T, Bridport, Mar 18.



“Very, very pleased. The gates looks gorgeous, the quality is superb and a very high standard.  Will definitely use you again”.

Mr and Mrs T, Wareham, Mar 18.


“We are very pleased with the work. Everything from first advice in the shop to having the work completed this morning has been great. Your staff have been excellent and the fence and gates look like they will outlive us! We would certainly come back to you again”.

Mr and Mrs H, Dorchester, Mar 18.


“Very, pleased, looking good. It’s great!”

Mr T, Beaminster, Mar 18.


“Very, very pleased, incredible lads, very happy thank you!”

Mr and Mrs B, Mar 18.




“Very happy, all fine, thank you”.

Mrs T, Bridport, Mar 18.


“Everything was fine, thank you! They were very polite”.

Mr and Mr G, Axminster, Mar 18.


“Absolutely good, quick and efficient, a reasonable price and reliable”.

Ms P, Bridport, Mar 18.



“Good job, delighted to have two friendly lads working here”.

Mr D, Netherbury, Mar 18.


“Very happy and impressed by everything we did, very friendly staff and helpful when consulted over a design change”.

Mr M, Bridport, Mar 18.


“Very happy, thank you. The work has been noticed and we have received good comments about it”

Mr H Bridport, Feb 18.


“Super job, really good. Guys were great and very friendly, thank you!”

Mr B, Bridport, Feb 18.


“Thank you, a good job, all good”.

Mr C, Dorchester, Feb 18.


“Delighted and did a really good job. Gate is fantastic, thank you!”

Mrs D, Lyme Regis, Feb 18.


“Everything is fine thank you, did a good job”.

Mr B, Bridport, Feb 18.


“All good.  A very nice chap came to do the work, thank you for your help and advice that was given”.

Mrs D, Dorchester, Feb 18


“Very good, thank you and the men were very kind.”

Mrs B, Bridport, Jan 18


“Excellent service, thank you.  Can’t fault it and they worked in dreadful weather.  Thank you for coming to do the work so quickly.”

Mr C, Charmouth, Jan 18


“Great, happy with the work, thank you”

Mrs C, Uplyme, Jan 18


“Very satisfied.  Excellent”

Mrs B, Chideock, Jan 18


“Really really pleased, people keep admiring them (Border doors)”

Mrs N, Poundbury, Dec 17


“Cant praise you enough, I come too you as you do a good job”

Mrs P, Bridport, Dec 17


“Outstanding service, compliments to the lads for their work”

Mr & Mrs G, Bridport, Dec 17


“Very very pleased, two charming gentlemen and our neighbours are also happy ”

Ms B, Sherborne, Dec 17


“Very very happy and a good job.  I would recommended Brights product and work”

Mrs B, Bridport, Dec 17


“Fencing is marvellous, thank you”

Mr H, Chideock, Dec 17


“Looks very very good, really pleased, a fantastic job.”

Miss R, Mosterton, Dec 17


“Absolutely wonderful, thank you.  Can’t fault it at all.”

Mrs B, Bridport, Dec 17


“Very happy, thank you.  Always happy with the work you do”

Mr B, Lyme Regis, Dec 17


“It’s great, excellent, thank you.  Nick and Stuart did a good job.”

Mrs S, Beaminster, Nov 17


” Very happy with the work, always so pleasant and delightful to have around.”

Mr R, Bridport, Nov 17

“Looks great, our neighbours have commented on how good it looks too”.

Mr S, Lyme Regis, Nov 17

“Very happy indeed, your lads worked hard all day!”

Mr W, Bridport, Nov 17

“Thank you, always a good job”.

Mrs W, Beaminster, Nov 17.


“Thank you, efficient, tidy and prompt”.

Mr L, Mosterton, Nov 17.


“Excellent job, very pleased, they were very polite”.

Mrs K, Bridport, Nov 17.

“Made differently than expected but very happy with the look, all good”.

Mr H, Dorchester, Nov 17.


“Very happy with the work”.

Mr and Mrs B, Axminster, Nov 17.


“Quite happy, thank you”.

Mr G, Bridport, Nov 17.

“Very happy with work, they did a super job very pleased and they were very polite”

Mr V, Bridport, Nov 17.