Sheep Hurdles


  • Interlocking sheep hurdles
  • Seven rail interlocking sheep fencing
  • Made from a solid galvanised steel construction
  • 1250mm or 1800mm options


  • Description
  • Description

    Galvanised seven rail interlocking sheep hurdles. Commonly used as agricultural fencing and livestock management to create temporary enclosures or to guide the movement of sheep.

    Includes loop type coupling arrangement to form a large holding pen. As such they can be interconnected to create larger enclosures or pens, allowing for the flexibility to accommodate different flock sizes or specific tasks.

    Made from a solid galvanised steel construction and consists of a series of seven horizontal bars or rails. They are durable and designed to withstand the physical force and weight of sheep pushing against them. However our hurdles are designed to be easily portable and adjustable, allowing you to quickly set up or modify enclosures as needed.

    Ideal for use for day to day holding pen needs or alternatively during sheepdog trials or herding competitions. Additionally they can be used during sheep exhibitions or competitions to create a designated area for showcasing the animals. In addition to managing the movement of sheep, hurdles can be used to separate individual animals for various purposes, such as medical treatments, shearing, or sorting.

    Proper handling and setup of sheep hurdles are essential for the safety and welfare of both the sheep and the people working with them. It is important to ensure the hurdles are securely placed and that there are no sharp edges or protruding parts that could harm the sheep.

    Keep your livestock safe and secure with galvanised sheep hurdles from John Bright Fencing.

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    Size (mm)

    1250, 1830

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