Gazebo Bird Table


Height: 175cm



A range of bird seed, nuts, and suet are available to be purchased from John Bright Country Store.


  • Description
  • Description

    This premium bird table is hand crafted from quality Swedish redwood. It features a hexagonal roof with heavy duty capping and a decorative finial.

    Ensure your bird table is fixed firmly to the ground to prevent damage from adverse weather conditions. Position your bird tableĀ  in an open space to prevent potential predator attack. C lean your bird table with a mild disinfectant solution

    Feed a variety of food all year round. Include nuts and seeds for essential oils, and suet products to provide energy. Replenish your bird table regularly. Remember to provide fresh water for both drinking and bathing.

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    Weight30 kg
    Dimensions1750 × 700 × 700 mm
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