Galvanised Pig Weigher

Galvanised Lamb & Pig Weigher Mechanical


Galvanised Pig & Lamb Weigher Mechanical

Length: 1280mm

Height inside: 765mm

Width inside: 410mm.

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Product Description

New galvanised Lamb & Pig Weigher is based on the well proven painted model. It has a 150 kilogram capacity. Salter spring balance weigh head positioned at an angle towards the operator. Entry gate slides upwards and animal enters onto stable, unmoving floor.

Automatic locking catch on entry gate, single lever operation opens exit gate – operator need not move from one position, pedal on either side crate weighs the animal. Improved access to top of animal for marking and grading.

Standard Features
  • Fully hot dipped galvanised finish with mesh floor
  • Wheels
  • Fold away handles and spray marker holder.
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