pasture post

Clipex Pasture Post


  • Length : 1.5m
  • Weight: 2.16kg
  • In ground depth: 600mm (giving desired fence height of 0.9m)
  • Profile: 44mm x 35mm
  • Thickness: 2.5mm
  • Coating: 600grm galvanised zinc coating

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Product Description

The Clipex pasture post is a 1.5m long 4 clip post designed for single line fences. It can also be used for permanent electric fencing systems, line wire, barbed wire or rabbit fencing.


Unlike other posts in the Clipex range, the pasture post does notĀ feature the anti-lift plate, which allows them to be moveable and reusable, ideal for electric strip grazing, temporary rabbit fencing or simple demarcation line wire fencing.

Standard Features
  • 30 year service life (minimum)
  • 50% quicker to erect than traditional timber methods
  • Over 50% cheaper life time costs achieved compared to traditional timber methods
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