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Clipex End Strainer Post

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Product Description

Clipex End Strainer Post is designed to StaYfast for the test of time.

StaYfast Strainer assembly and instillation is extremely fast and efficient. When combined with Xfence wire netting and Clipex all steel posts, it will provide you with possibly the best longitudinal integrated long life fencing system money can buy.

Suitable for use with Clipex fences up to 1.4m in height as an end strainer.

Standard Features


  • Height – 2.4m
  • Weight – 18.5kg
  • Profile – 75mm dia x 3.00mm
  • Pre-drilled and fully welded
  • 4mm thick x 250mm thrust/base plates to reduce any movement
  • Cylindrical hollow section aids easier driving in
  • Pre drilled four times to allow for easy strut attachment at 90, 180 and 270 degrees

Strut complete with hook

  • Height – 2.4m
  • Weight – 12kg
  • Profile – 50mm dia x 3.0mm
  • Drilled/welded or mitre cut ready for instant use

Plate And Pin

  • 4mm x 250mm triangular base plate, drilled 20mm hole to take pin.
  • 20mm x 750mm solid pin.

Tension Wire And Gripple

  • 4.5m x 3mm alu/zinc wire (for larger projects the above can be swapped for 3.15mm HT alu/zinc wire)
  • Gripple wire joiner
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