deer beefy post

Clipex Deer Beefy Post 3m

  • Length : 3.0m
  • Weight: 10.5kg
  • In ground depth: 900mm (giving desired fence height of 2.1m)
  • Profile: 66mm x 59mm
  • Thickness: 3.5mm
  • Coating: 600grm galvanised zinc coating


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Product Description

The Clipex Deer Beefy post is a 3.0m long 14 clip post, designed specifically for all X fence 13/190 deer or boar fence mesh patterns allowing for one line of barbed, plain or electric above. All 13 lines are clipped to provide real strength and defend against any attention deer or boar may give the fence line.

The Beefy has 230% more strength than a standard post and with 60% more surface area which give it better adhesion in the ground. The Beefy can also be used on slight angles of 15 degrees or less as they make an economical end strainer, ideal for areas of low livestock or predator pressure, such as new plantations, woodland boundaries or gardens.

*If you plan on using your own brand of wire please check clip spacings before ordering.  (John Bright Fencing will not be liable if after erection the wire is found not to suit the posts.)*

Standard Features
  • Longevity – Minimum 30 year service life
  • Clipex Fencing Solution – 50% quicker to erect.
  • Surprisingly cost effective – Over 50% cheaper life time costs achieved
  • fitted with anti-lift plates and strengthening backing plate.
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