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Baby Bedale Bird Table






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Baby Bedale Bird Table

Entice a range of birdlife into your garden with this popular bird table. Tom Chamber’s Baby Bedale is a very attractive, slate roofed, free standing bird table with a large, flat surface and drainage channels to keep food dry and fresh.

Crafted from Swedish Redwood, it features an upright column stand, heavy duty cross base and genuine, slate roof. The Baby Bedale is designed for easy assembly at home, coming supplied in two sections, the bird table and the stand, which are easily joined with four wing-nuts (supplied). Constructed from sustainable timber resources. Treated with environmentally friendly wood preservative for protection against all types of weather.

Site in an open space or somewhere where the feeding birds will not be subject to predator attack. Ensure the base is secured so high winds cannot blow the table over.


Size: 160cm Tall

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