Iroko Garden Furniture

Iroko is a beautiful hard wood ideally suited to be used as garden furniture. The dark tan colour and subtle grain markings make this wood particularly attractive. Whether you are after a new garden bench, armchair, stool or picnic table having it made from Iroko will be ensure it will be made to last. Relax and dine in style in your garden this summer.

  • Made in Dorset Iroko Armchair View

    Iroko Armchair

  • Made in Dorset Iroko Bench 2 View

    Iroko Bench

  • Made in Dorset Iroko Coffee Table View

    Iroko Coffee Table

  • Made in Dorset WIN_20160224_140105 View

    Iroko Dining Table

  • Made in Dorset IMG_7833 View

    Iroko Picnic Table

  • Made in Dorset Itoko Stool View

    Iroko Stool