IAE Products

We stock a wide range of IAE galvanised farming products for all your aniamls needs. From water troughs and hay feeders to calving gates and sheep hurdles. Read More

  • yearling View

    Calf/Yearling, 5′ 3″ Diameter

  • double sided cattle trough View

    Cattle Trough On Legs Double Sided

  • badger trough View

    Cattle Trough With Badger Defence

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  • 5 Rail Cattleyard Gate View

    Cattleyard Gate

  • double-corn-bin-274x350[1] View

    Corn Bins

  • new-double-sided-creep-feeder-photo-v2-575x252[1] View

    Double Sided Lamb Creep Feeder

  • 7 Rail National Box End Field Gate View

    Galvanised 7 Rail Ashcombe Field Gate

  • DOG-PEN-2.5.13-edit-1-788x525[1] View

    Galvanised Dog Runs

  • 1800x457x406mm WATER TROUGH View

    Galvanised Drinking Trough

  • 1800x610x610mm WATER TROUGH View

    Galvanised Drinking Trough 2′

  • 5 Rail Box End Half Mesh Gate View

    Half Mesh Gate

  • B107-0170-201-600x300[1] View

    Hay Rack Double Sided