Shed Roofs


A garden shed will last much longer if the felted roof is kept in good condition.

Iroko Treatment

Treat Iroko hardwood products with a teak oil to keep its rich colour, otherwise leave it to weather naturally and it will look similar to oak, a silvery grey colour.  Another product we have found to work we is Ronseal Hardwood Garden Furniture Oil.

Post Size

If you want to erect our Closeboard Panels on timber posts we recommend to use a 100mm x 100mm post for extra strength as the panel are nice and solid.

Seasonal Checks

Check fences and posts for any rot/damage in the early spring so if any repairs are needed no vegetation will get damaged in the process.

Post Caps

Always use posts caps on upright posts to prevent water sitting in the ends of the timber grains.  It also makes the fence look ‘finished’!

Hole Digging


Place the soil from digging holes on a heavy duty plastic sheet to protect the lawn.  It will make it much easier to get the soil back in the hole.

Clean Borders

When working on a gardens border lay down a timber plank to work from to keep the edges neat.

Timber Treatment

Use a wood preserver to treat any untreated softwood timber regularly.  We recommend Ronseal Preservers, Ensele is also a great product for sealing ends on Tanalised timber.

Post Length

When erecting a 4′ – 6′ high panel fence on wooden posts allow the post to be 3′ longer than the overall height of the fence.