Diamond Braced Gate

Diamond Braced Gate in Bradpole

Kissing gate with post and rail fencing

John Bright Fencing is based in Bridport, and we are proud to offer domestic, agricultural and business services around Dorset.

Our hand-made high quality products make us a trusted supplier of gates, fencing, garden furniture and building around Bridport and Dorchester, including smaller villages like Walditch and Bradpole.

We build, fit and deliver bespoke fencing for local parish councils, depending on what our customers need – this includes materials and size.

New garden fencing can bring your garden back to life and provide an aesthetically pleasing backdrop for your plants and garden furniture. We have delivered a variety of fencing projects around Bridport, specifically to local parish councils, such as Bradpole, and  Bothenhampton & Walditch.

Providing high quality and long lasting products is the core of our business model. When John Bright started building gates and similar projects for friends and family, word spread about the high quality products around Bridport. This is how our business expanded from Bridport and villages in the area to all over Dorset, all the way to Wool.

A recent project in Bradpole consisted of replacing and old gate to make pedestrian access to a playing field more accessible with a Diamond Braced Gate.

If you are a council in Dorset interested in replacing old wood gates and fencing to a local field or play area in your town or village, you will find the case study below very helpful. For any questions about fencing you can contact us, and our friendly team will be in touch with you to discuss your needs.

Bradpole Parish Council required the pedestrian access in a playing field to be more accessible. We recommended the kissing gate style frame to be set further away from the gate and the gate to be wider. The ground was levelled, and path gravel applied. The gate also had a trombone handle fitted for ease of opening.

What our customer, Bradpole Parish Council said:

“Following a site visit, John Bright provided a very competitive quote. The work involved improving access to two recreational areas in Bradpole to enable easy access for all users to the sites, including wheelchair users. The work was undertaken in a very timely, professional and efficient manner and the Paris Council are very pleased with the high standard of completed work”.

Tanalised Diamond Braced Gate at John Bright

The gate has already been pressure treated (tanalised) so no further treatment is needed unless a colour change is required!


Looking for new fencing and gates? If you want to give a play area or field a new lease of life, please contact our friendly team, who will be happy to advise you on the many options of garden fences we offer. We can’t wait to help you achieve your dream garden with John Bright Fencing.