Galvanised 7 Rail Ashcombe Field Gate

Galvanised Gates in Loders

Galvanised gates on a bridle path

John Bright Fencing offers various fencing services for gardens, fields, estates and farms. 

John Bright Fencing is a family-owned company based in Bridport.

We deliver and fit bespoke field gates around Dorset, from Bridport all the way to Dorchester, Weymouth and Wool. We build gates according to our customers’ exacting requirements – we choose your preferred style, size and material.

If you are based in Loders and are interested in field gates for your farm or land, this case study will be very helpful. For any questions, you can always contact our friendly team!

For this project, our customers were in need of two sets of gates to prevent unauthorised access up their farm track. It was also important that the track remained easily accessible for those using the bridleway.

LM Bateman made two pairs of these bespoke gates, which are a similar but heavier-duty style to the Ashcombe field gate, along with posts to suit. Each 1.5m wide bridleway gate is also fitted with a hunting-type latch, allowing riders to open the gates easily while still on their horse.

For a similar solution, you could use our standard galvanised field gates and posts, or enquire for more specific requirements.

What our customer Miss H said:

“We’re very happy with the security that these gates have provided. They are so easy for horse riders to open, and they will slam shut behind them. Both sets of gates and posts feel very sturdy and well-made, and the centre slamming post isn’t too difficult to slot in and out of the socket.”

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Galvanised Field Gates in Loders

Are you based in Loders and are looking for a similar alternative to an Ashcombe field gate? If you want to add extra security to your farm, please contact our friendly team, who will be happy to advise you on the many options of solutions we offer. We can’t wait to help you achieve the gate you have in mind with John Bright Fencing.