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Steel Security Fencing and Chainlink Fencing

Steel Security and Chainlink Fencing

Steel Security Fencing

Steel palisade security fence in an ideal way to protect your industrial unit or for somewhere that needs that extra security. There is a choice of pointed top, triple pointed top, square, rounded and notched or rounded tops pales and all nuts used to construct steel palisade are ‘permacone snap off tamper proof’ which means no one will be able to remove them providing the security you will need.  Available in various sizes and in a choice of colours or galvanised.

Chainlink Fencing

If you are looking for security but without the visual intimidation of steel palisade, then chainlink fencing would be the ideal solution. Although it does not provide the obvious security of steel palisade is certainly can act as good protection to numerous locations. Whether wanting to fence off a tennis court or play area chainlink fencing would be ideal. If you need some added security why not put barbed wire on top. Available from 3′ high and in a variety of colours.

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