Parkland Fencing

Parkland or Estate fencing is available for either supply only or for our teams to supply and erect. It comes galvanised and with either straight uprights or curved tops.

John Bright Fencing are suppliers of Cotwold Decorative Ironworkers providing the finest estate fencing.

CDI’s traditional estate fencing is ideal for use as a continuous boundary fence in parkland, paddocks, deer parks or estate grounds.

Why use CDI fencing?

  • Not comparable with other modular welded estate fencing made by other manufacturers – CDI’s fencing is copied from original wrought iron fencing.
  • Galvanized to give your fence the strength and longevity you would expect
  • Not welded but instead we use the old fashioned method of clips and fixings removing the need to weld any unsightly weld joints
  • Treated with acid to etch prime before painting with colour of your choice
  • Able to follow the contours of the ground providing sympathetic sweeping curves with the ground

We have 5 options for estate fencing and compatible gates

  • Ungalvanised
  • Standard 1200mm
  • Standard 1000mm
  • Round bar 1200mm
  • Cheshire

Ungalvanised fencing is available on request.

All gates can be fitted with electric automatic openings.

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