Cleft Chestnut Fencing

Cleft post and rail fencing is the traditional method used for thousands of years to fence farmland, however more recently the rustic look it has, gives it a wide appeal in a number of locations.  Whether trying to blend a garden fence seamlessly into the natural environment, looking for a fence in keeping with nearby woodland or you want to add character to your land, cleft fencing could be the answer.

Constructed from either chestnut or oak cleft timber, it is strong, durable and attractive and can provide decades of protection to your garden, paddock or driveway without needing wood preservatives or treatments.  Whether your looking for a metre or a mile why not contact us for a free estimate and give your land a piece of timeless tradition.

Cleft chestnut fencing is also available in rolls, where smaller vertical cleft pales are bound together using wire. This can also provide an attractive finish to any garden. Available in either 3′ or 4′ high and 10 foot long.

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