Horse running through surf. Horse feed.

Horse feed

We stock a range of quality horse feed products. Visit us in our country store near Bridport in Dorset and stock up on the best feeds for your horses.

  • Horsehage Ryegrass Bale
  • Dengie Alfa A Original 20kg
  • Mollichaff Original 12.5kg
  • Mollichaff Donkey 18kg
  • Dengie Hi Fi 20kg
  • Dengie Hi Fi Lite 20kg
  • D & H Safe & Sound 18kg
  • Horse & Pony Cubes 20kg
  • Riding Mix 20kg
  • Pasture Mix 20kg
  • Spillers Cool Mix 20kg
  • D & H Sixteen Plus 20kg
  • D&H sixteen Plus Cubes 20kg
  • A & P Fast Fibre 20kg
  • Masham Speedy Beet 20kg
  • Masham Fibre Beet 20kg
  • A&P Calm & Conditioner 20kg
  • A&P Veteren Vitality 20kg
  • D&H Pasture Mix 20kg
  • Flaked Maize
  • Grass Nuts 25kg
  • Linseed Micronized 15kg
  • Spillers Happy Hoof 20kg
  • Spillers happy Hoof Molasses Free 20kg
  • Topspec Top Chop Grass 15kg