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Animal magic

To be happy, animals need to feel healthy, well nourished and rested. Diet as well as exercise plays a major role in every animal looking and feeling good. Our range of animal feed are sourced for their nutritional value, taste, smell and what is right for the animal’s specific age and stage.

From puppy food to pig feed, straw bedding to cat litter, we take care of your animal, day and night.

Dog Food

We only stock quality dog food as part of our range of animal feed.


Arden Grange

Cat asleep on fence

Cat Food

We only stock quality cat food as part of our range of animal feed.

  • Tinned Duchess Meat Selection in Jelly (400g x 12)
  • Felix Original Mixed Selection Sachets
  • Supacat Chicken 10kg
  • Supacat Salmon 10kg
  • Supacat Chicken 2kg
  • Supacat Salmon 2kg
  • Pettex Cat Litter 20kg
  • Cat Litter Wood Pellets 30l
Guinea pig on log


We also cater for small pet animals too.

  • Bunnymunch 20kg
  • Russell Rabbit 12.5kg
  • Gerty Guinea Pig 12.5kg
Wren in garden

Bird Feed

Do your bit for your local avian wildlife.

  • Peanuts 25kg
  • Black Sunflower Seed 25kg
  • Sunflower Hearts 22.68kg
  • Niger Seed 25kg
  • Wild Bird Seed 20kg
Brown and white hens in grass

Poultry & Chicken Feed

Keep your flock happy with our range of poultry feed.

  • Chick Crumb 20kg
  • Poultry Rearer Pellets 20kg
  • Layers Mash 20kg
  • Layers Pellets 20kg
  • Mixed Corn 20kg
  • A & P Small Holder Layers Pellets 20kg
  • A & P Small Holder Super Mixed Corn 20kg
  • Turkey Starter Crumb 25kg (seasonal)
  • Turkey Starter Pellets 25kg (seasonal)
  • Turkey Topweight No1 25kg (seasonal)
  • Poultry Grit 25kg
  • Oyster Shell 25kg
Brown calf sitting in hay


  • Calf Milk Powder 25kg
  • Calf Starter Pellets 20kg
  • Course Calf Mixture 25kg
  • Rearing Cake 25kg
Lamb and sheep in field

Lambs & Sheep Food

  • Lamb Milk Replacer 5kg
  • Lamb Milk Replacer 10kg
  • Lamb Starter Pellets 20kg
  • Lamb Finisher Pellets 25kg
  • Ewe Breeding Pellets 25kg
  • Ewe Rolls 25kg
  • Sheep Course Mix 25kg
  • Goat Mix 20kg
Black and white spotted piglets

Pig Food

  • Pig Grower/Finisher 25kg
  • Sow/Weaner Pellets 25kg
  • Sow Rolls – Harper 20kg
Bales of hay at Harvest


We keep the following straights in stock.

  • Rolled Barley 25kg
  • Rolled Oats 25kg
  • Sugar Beet Pellets 20kg
  • Whole Wheat 25kg
Horse running through surf

Horse Feed

  • Mollichaff Original 12.5kg
  • Mollichaff Donkey 18kg
  • Dengie Alfa A Original 20kg
  • Dengie Hi Fi 20kg
  • Dengie Hi Fi Lite 20kg
  • D & H Safe & Sound 18kg
  • Horse & Pony Cubes 20kg
  • Riding Mix 20kg
  • Pasture Mix 20kg
  • Spillers Happy Hoof 20kg
  • Spillers Happy Hoof Molasses Free 20kg
  • D & H Sixteen Plus 20kg
  • A & P Fast Fibre 20kg
  • Masham Speedy Beet 20kg

Animal bedding

Animal Bedding

  • Shavings – Large Flake Bale Pallet
  • Shavings – Small Flake Bale Pallet
  • Miscanthus Bale
  • Hay – JBF Bale
  • Hay – JBF Wad
  • Straw – JBF Bale
  • Straw – JBF Wad


We can order special feed for your animal. Please call us on 01308 421 545, email or visit our country store to find out more.

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