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Written by Carlotta Damiani

John Bright’s puppy essentials for your dog

Getting a dog is a very exciting time for owners, but everything around your house is about to change! To help you ensure you have all the puppy essentials for your new furry friend, we have put together a list of our favourite dog products.

A comfortable bed

The first item on the list is a bed for your new puppy. We always recommend purchasing a slightly bigger bed than needed, so that your dog will be able to stretch comfortably and it can be used for longer, even when dog has grown up in size.

At John Bright’s Country Store, we have a variety of dog beds that come in different sizes for your pup, as well as different colours to suit your taste. Our Country Store in Bridport is dog friendly, so your puppy can pick which bed they like the most!

Puppy on dog bed

Collars, leashes and leads

Collars are an essential item for your new dog. It is always recommended to get the right size, as puppies grow very quickly and could outgrow the collar even quicker. A reference point used by many dog owners is being able to slip two fingers in between the pup and the collar. The collar should also not slip over your dog’s head.

Leashes and leads should also be on your essential items list. They are incredibly important when you want to take your little furry friend out on a comfortable walk outside while they are still learning to walk by your side without leash.

At John Bright, we sell a variety of collars, leads and leashes from many trusted and high quality suppliers. We always choose the best quality products, while also offering to our customers plenty of choice of styles and colours.

sausage dog with dog collar puppy essentials


This wouldn’t be a list of essentials without toys! Puppies have a lot of energy and need toys to play with, whether by themselves or at the park with their owner(s). Having a range of toys to keep your pup entertained should be a priority. If they are not stimulated enough, pups could chew tables, chairs and other furniture. Squeaky toys, chewable toys, soft or hard balls, jolly flyers, you name it and we have it! We always recommend choosing the toys very carefully depending on the size and breed of your dog. When visiting our Country Store, you can always ask one of our friendly staff members for advice, and they’ll be more than happy to help you find the right toy for your pup.

Puppy food

Feeding the right nutrients to your dog is key to a balanced diet and overall wellbeing of your furry friend. We recommend talking with experts such as vets if you’re unsure, while figuring out what your dog prefers!

When you visit our Country store, or you decide to shop online at John Bright Fencing, you can find our range of puppy food that we recommend. This includes:

Shampoo and conditioner for cleanliness and softness

Using shampoo and conditioner when washing your pup is it not only great to keep their fur clean and knot-free, but to protect them from bacteria. It is very important to use proper dog shampoo, as they are purposely made for dogs’ pH levels.

Our favourite products are Animology’s dogs body, flea & tick, stink bomb, puppy love, fox poo and top dog conditioner.

John Bright country store dog shampoo

And more!

While we have only listed a few of our favourites, there are many more dog essentials, such as identity tags, travelling crate, toothpaste, and poo bags. Our Country Store is the perfect place to buy dog essentials. You can bring your dog along to pick what they want!

We also sell sturdy, handmade kennels and dog houses to provide a comfortable place for your furry friends to rest.

You can visit us at Paverlands Farm, Salwayash, Bridport DT6 5HT, or scroll through our online shop.