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How Our Handmade Wooden Gates Increase Your Property’s Value

Are you looking for ways to increase your property’s value? In today’s competitive property market, it is important that you take any opportunity to make sound investments for your property in order to make it more attractive to prospective buyers. Whether you are searching how to sell your property quickly, or you’re looking for long term value with the future in mind, we’re here to give you 5 ways that our handmade wooden gates can increase your property’s value.

Diamond Braced Gate

Adding Long Term Value to Your Property with Durable Handmade Wooden Gates

Installing high quality property features that are built to stand the test of time are proven to increase your property’s appeal and value. With the cost of living rising and the property market being so volatile, one thing you can depend on is the quality of John Brights gates in Dorset. We understand how frustrating it can be when garden fittings and fixtures erode or become damaged – especially if you are looking to add value to your home. With John Brights, you have peace of mind that your garden gate will last.

Our wooden gates are handmade in our own workshop at our base in Salway Ash, Bridport, where 20 skilled craftsmen produce standard and custom fences and gates for our valued customers across the UK. For 35 years, we have stood by a philosophy of three things: to give excellent service, do a top quality job and offer value for money. The quality of our work speaks for itself.

Installing high quality handmade wooden gates which are built to last will add long term value to your property.

Cottage Garden Gate in Iroko Hardwood

How To Stand Out in the Property Market

In a busy property market, standing out is key. Selling a house, or anything else for that matter, is becoming increasingly challenging. It is all too easy for buyers to quickly dismiss your property because it doesn’t look appealing or inviting, and with the attention span of people steadily decreasing in the digital era, you certainly have your work cut out.

If you are wondering how to make your property stand out to buyers, you’ll be happy to know that installing a high quality wooden gate will grab the attention of people. A unique handmade gate will add personality to your house, and increase the external appeal of your property. If people see that you have invested in an attractive, high quality wooden gate, it will give the impression that what’s inside your property is of good quality. Essentially, this quality will help you to stand out in the property market.

With a range of unique wooden entrance gates available, you are sure to find the attention-grabbing ‘welcome’ you desire at John Brights in Dorset.

Diamond Braced Gate. Handmade wooden gates

How the Increased Security of Entrance Gates Can Add Value to Your Property

Unfortunately, we live in a day and age where property break-ins are becoming more frequent. Whether you are looking to sell your house, or you’d simply like to protect your property, we recommend installing a high quality boundary fencing. It is sad that break-ins are on the rise, however it does also mean that installing security measures will increase the value of your property.

John Brights have been installing handmade fences since 1982. We have always vowed the use the highest quality timber and complete an excellent job for our customers. Our ethos of producing quality work at a reasonable price has afforded us with an enviable reputation in Dorset and Somerset. We still stand by the same values today that we used to 30 years ago.

Whatever level of security you are looking for – we have the right gate for you. Our wooden entrance gates are made from Scandinavian redwood and iroko hardwood, and are available in a range of styles. We supply solid border doors and railed versions like diamond braced and turned heel, as well as Dorset gates that are made from a metal and wood mix.

If you can’t find the wooden gate you’re looking for online, or have something particular in mind – please give us a call, drop us a line or pop in and chat to us at our Bridport workshop and country store. We specialise in custom bespoke garden gates and our skilled carpenters will be happy to create exactly what you have in mind.

Custom wooden gates in Dorset. Handmade wooden gates.

The Value of Sustainable Wooden Gates in Today’s Property Market

It is no secret that we are becoming increasingly concerned with sustainability and using eco-friendly products to protect the future of the earth – and thankfully so! Aside from being great for the planet, using sustainable materials for your property will increase its market value. Although the trend of sustainable living has been growing since the early 1990’s, it is only very recently that we have seen people place much more importance on reducing their carbon footprint. Whether you are looking for ways to help you sell your property this year, or you are adding value with the future in mind, the ‘trend’ of sustainability is here to stay. Younger generations of millennials and Gen Z will especially place importance on living eco-friendly.

All of the timber from our handmade wooden gates at John Brights comes from the United Kingdom, and has been harvested from sustainable forests with a product called Tanalith E.

View our range of sustainable high quality timber entrance and garden gates.

Creating a Memorable Entrance: How Wooden Gates Can Give Your Property The WOW Factor

When looking at a house, first impressions are everything for prospective buyers. What’s important to remember is that before considering taking a serious look at the inside of your property, the outside of your house needs to pass the ‘eye test’. It’s the initial reaction that dictates if people want to look at more of the property. A sure fire way of giving your property the WOW factor before a viewer has even stepped through the front door is with an attractive, high quality garden date.

Install a handmade wooden garden gate to increase your property’s aesthetic appeal. Our high quality timber entrance gates are sure to make a positive first impression.

Bespoke Dorset gates

Wooden Gates by John Bright Fencing

We hope we’ve inspired you to upgrade to a gate from John Brights. It just goes to show that you don’t need to spend a fortune to help your property gain valuable attention from prospective buyers. Whether you’re looking to sell now or in the future, it goes without saying that you can enjoy the fantastic aesthetics and build quality of a John Brights handmade gate.

We supply a range of wooden entrance gates, including Border Doors, Diamond Braced Gates, Dorset Gates, Eggardon Gates and Turned Heel Gates.

All of our gates are handmade by skilled carpenters in Dorset, and we offer a gate fitting service for customers within 50 miles of our base in Bridport – which cover the majority of Dorset, Devon and Somerset. Alternatively, if you live further a field, we can build your gate and courier it to you for you to arrange fitting yourself.

We are proud to offer made to measure garden gates in addition to our wide range of standard sizes – so if you require a gate with bespoke detailing or a particular size, we can produce exactly what you’re after. Our friendly team of experts will be happy to advise and work with you to produce your perfect wooden gate.

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