Should I Repair or Replace My Fence?

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Should I Repair or Replace My Fence?

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Fence damage is never ideal.

Life moves fast and the last thing you want to think about is rectifying damaged fencing. It can be frustrating if your garden fence becomes damaged, and with so many solutions available, deciding on whether to repair or replace your fence may be a difficult task.

John Bright Fencing are experts in landscape gardening. With 40 years experience in the industry, we aim make your decision easier by offering you the pros and cons of repairing and replacing metal and timber garden fences.


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What can damage my fence?

Fences live a hardened life.

From roasting summers to freezing winters and clear blue skies to gale-force winds – most of us forget how volatile the Great British weather is. Unfortunately, storm damage is a leading cause of damage to garden fences. Although good installation and high quality materials are your best chance of minimising wind damage, sometimes it is impossible to avoid – whether that be a direct cause of wind, or loose objects hitting your fence for the same reason. See our tips on navigating the stormy winter weather, and read on for more advice on how to avoid storm damage this winter!


Poor installation
Installation quality is an often overlooked factor in fencing, but one that is vital to keeping your fence standing strong for the long haul. Even if you use the highest quality materials, poor installation can massively reduce the lifespan of your fence. Installations problems can include shallow post holes, utility line damage and not factoring in sloped ground into planning. All of the above can be easily avoided by enlisting experts to carry out our fence installation. John Bright Fencing has 40+ years experience in fence installation. If you work with us, you can rest assured you will receive expert craftsmanship.


Poor materials
The first port of call in fence installation, replacement or repair, should be selecting high quality materials. Doing so will minimise storm damage, better protect against rot and deterioration and help your fence to stand the test of time. Trust us – investing in high quality materials and installation will be more cost efficient in the long run.


Rot is the most common killer of timber fences. As per our point about poor materials – selecting timber that is untreated is unsuitable for your garden. If your timber isn’t properly protected, your wood will inevitably rot. In turn, your timber fence will become weak and brittle, and eventually snap.



Pests are unavoidable in the outdoors. Some insects unfortunately use timber as a food source, so if your timber fence is not properly protected, you can leave yourself open to insect holes. Treating your fence will deter insects and preserve your timber fence. Removing plants from touching/leaning on your fence is also a good deterrent.


The average lifespan of fences

If you invest in high quality materials, expert installation and make sure to regularly treat your fence – it will last a long time – barring any external factors out of your control! Below are the average life expectancies of the types of fence we offer:

Timber Fences

5-30 years +

John Bright Fencing stock a range of  Timber, which is perfect for all of your fencing needs. High quality and made to last – our Timber fences are a set and (not) forget – for the long haul.

Chestnut Fences

15-25 years +

Our cleft post and rail fencing has a rustic look that is easy on the eye – and the wallet. It uses a traditional method that is still popular today as it stands the test of time for being durable and cost effective.


Metal Fences

30 years +

Our range of Chain Link, Clipex, DuraPost and Parkland fencing are expertly crafted and installed to produce maximum longevity. Regular cleaning will increase the lifespan of metal fences. Positioning is also a factor – if trees or car parks are nearby, there will be an increased risk of an external force damaging your fence.

Cleft Chestnut Fencing



Preserving my fence

Like with all things, looking after your fence will improve its lifespan and be more cost efficient in the long run.

For our timber fences, we recommend regularly pressure washing with a maximum pressure of 2000 psi. We also advice sanding your fence every so often, and sealing it with a waterproof, breathable treatment.

For any advice or information, contact John Brights friendly and professional team!

Should I Repair or Replace My Fence?

Is it worth repairing my fence?

-You can normally do it yourself
-It’s cheaper than replacing it

-It may cost more money in the long term
-Your fence may not be as well-protected as a replacement

Cleft Chestnut Rails

Is it worth replacing my fence?

-Reassurance your fence is protected for longer
-Lower overall cost

-Immediately more expensive than repairing
-More time consuming
-You likely can’t do it yourself

Metal vs Timber Fences

Choosing which material to use for your fence is a big decision. Factors such as the positioning of your garden, terrain and size may influence whether timber or metal is right for you.

If your garden is fairly open then a metal fence might be better for you. Rainstorms, winds and sun rays can have adverse effects on your fence. We would advise either selecting a timber fence and regularly maintaining it, or a metal fence and regularly cleaning it.

Both metal and timber fences required maintenance to keep them protected and in good condition. However, aluminium fences generally do not rust as easy as other materials.

In terms of pricing in metal vs timber fences, much like repair, metal fences typically have a higher upfront cost but are cheaper to maintain, and timber fences are the opposite. If you are on a tighter budget, we would advise selecting a timber fence, regularly cleaning it and sealing it with an inexpensive exterior paint.

Luckily, John Bright stock a range of high quality fences and fencing materials and accessories. Our team is highly experienced and will be more than happy to answer any queries to help you decide what fence is right for you.

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Fences at John Bright Fencing

At John Bright Fencing we make, supply and install all of our fences. We’re proud to be in control of the whole process – it means we can ensure high quality across the board… and we’re happy to take you through the whole process, too! Building the highest quality fences to meet our clients’ high expectations is our main priority. Our 40+ years experience has afforded us with the reputation as being one of the best fencing businesses in Dorset.

Whether you decide to repair or replace your fence, we can’t wait to guide you in your landscape gardening journey. Give us a call to chat to our professional friendly team today, and view our ranges of metal fences, timber fences, fixtures and fittings!

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Whether you choose to repair or replace your fence, trust our expert fencing installers to restore your garden to its former glory

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