First in Dorset: John Bright Fencing going Peat Free

Written by Jennie Banks

First in Dorset: John Bright Fencing going Peat Free

John Bright Fencing are aiming to be the first in Dorset to go Peat Free. All our Composts ranges and Top Soil will be peat free.  The UK must learn to love its peat bogs as they are carbon storage powerhouses when it comes to carbon storage, Peatlands are nature’s superstars.

With more concern for global warming and Climate change, which will increase global temperatures and sea levels, we are waking up to the facts of what damage it will cause to all inhabitants on earth. We need all need to our bit to help our planet and make the future better for everyone. Peat bogs are an important habitat that has been shown by re watering the peat blog, the mosses grow back (by simply placing new plants onto the soil) and start to absorb the carbon we are emitting. These absorb large amounts of carbon which only help in Global warming crisis. Peat exposed and drying out releases all the carbon that had been stored by the plants over millions of years as they decompose, so you can turn a make big pollutant into a great asset to reduce carbon dioxide omissions.

BBC Gardening World Monty Don gave his backing to going to Peat free for Compost in the episode aired on Friday 23rd April.

We stock a wide range of Peat free composts.


The government has announced fresh funding to restore 35,000 hectares of degraded peatlands in England over the next four years. Peat takes thousands of years to form and stores carbon as layers of moss build up in bogs, helping in the battle against climate change. But it releases the greenhouse gas carbon dioxide and methane when it is dug up or damaged. Mr Eustice said ‘Peatlands are our biggest terrestrial carbon store and home to some of our rarest species, including bitterns, swallowtail butterfly, carnivorous sundews, hen harriers, and short-eared owls. But only 13 percent of our peatlands are in near natural state.’ The UK’s 2.6 million hectares of peatland contain about 3 billion tons of carbon. Campaigners say that digging up peat for compost emits 400,000 tons of carbon every year-the equivalent of putting hundreds of thousands of extra cars on the road.

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We stock a wide range of Peat free compost’s.

Miracle Grow Premium All Purpose Compost Peat Free 50l  3 Bags for £13.00

Miracle Grow Peat Free and organic food compost 40l 3 Bags for £15.00

Miracle Grow Peat Free Boarder Booster 40l 3 Bags for £13.50

Miracle Grow Peat Free Ericaceous 40l 3 Bags for £15.00

Levington Multi-Purpose Compost with John Innes Peat Free 50l 3 Bags for £16.00

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Peat Free Compost

Our other green initiatives at John Bright Fencing country store in Dorset:-

Solar panels have been fitted to the shop roof reducing our carbon footprint so far by over 6 tonne, the equivalent of 17 trees.

Rainwater harvesting has increased we now have a 5500 litre collecting tank for all our vehicle washing and for water to take on site.

Come to John Bright Fencing Countryside in Salway Ash, DT6 5HT just outside Bridport for your Peat free compost.  Greener Gardening for all.