Child watering Vegetable garden

Written by Jennie Banks

Sowing seeds, the joy of growing and gardening.

Grow your own

Do you want to know where your food has come from? Or not to have to go to the shops for more vegetables or salad?

How about growing some in your garden this year.

Growing seeds can also make a good project for children. Cress is great for children as you can see it growing in a couple of days and after about one or two weeks you have your harvest for a tasty sandwich or salad. The children are more likely to eat it if they have grown it. Looking for a longer-term project with children perhaps some herbs or vegetables in a container. Potatoes are relativity simple as you just place one seed potato in the container full of compost, water regularly and watch it grow. One potato will multiply by the end of the summer to a few meals of potatoes.

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You could grow vegetables in container’s or have a vegetable patch in your garden.

How to prepare your vegetable patch. Dig over the soil, and break it up removing the weeds as you go and rake over to a smooth finish, the soil should now be fine texture. Sprinkle in fertiliser or rich compost to the soil and mix through. Depending on the variety of seeds you can start to plant from March be careful of the frosts if you start too early in the ground outside. Create rows to plant your seeds in the garden, place two sticks each end and tie string to both, follow the line of the string with your trowel making a 2 cm deep line depending on the variety of seed in the soil. Sprinkle the seeds into the trench, cover with fine soil, firm gently and water regularly. Thin the seedlings out if they grow too thickly and weed the garden regularly to give your plants the best chance of being a healthy strong plant. Keep watered and it’s a good idea on a sunny day to water the plants in the evening.

Veg Patch

Alternatively you could start planting your seeds in trays, then potting them on as they grow. Once you have a strong plant you can transplant into your garden to give them a better start especially if the weather has not warm up yet in March.

Watch your seeds grow

If you are growing seeds in pots, especially things like herbs these can be grown all year in your window sill. Fill the seed tray or smaller pot with two thirds of compost sprinkle in the seeds, cover with compost and water. Leave in a sunny window sill or greenhouse. Water regularly. Always follow the instruction on the packet for the variety of seeds you are growing as all plants needs different care.

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Enjoy your hard work in the garden with a great harvest of vegetables.

Gardening can also be very therapeutic during the difficult times we are going through with Covid 19.

Enjoy the outdoors or bring the outdoors in with plants in your window sills.

Enjoy fruits of labour

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