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A Bright Start on a Frosty Winter Morning

Written by Jennie Banks

During the winter it is prudent to allow extra time in the morning to scrape the ice off your car windscreen. The roads might be icy so best to leave that extra time for your journeys.

We stock Holts professional De-Icer and concentrated screen wash that melts ice and anti-glare. Idea for low sun and the cold mornings when you clean your windscreen and it freezes up again.

A Bright start on a frosty morning.

Keep yourself and your home warm, it recommended your central heating is set at least 18oC. Clear away Ice and snow from your driveway and paths outside your home to prevent slips and falls.

Keep up to date with the weather forecast so you are prepared.

Issues with your engine not starting on a cold morning, try Holts Easy Start, for Diesel & Petrol engines, its works down to -20oC.

We stock WD-40 multi use product #wd40lifehack, its amazing how many uses it has.

Wear the right clothing for the weather, layers of clothing keep you warmer and wearing a hat stops your body losing heat from your head. We stock padded warm coats, hats, caps and waterproofs for all the weather that the winter can throw at you.

Hands feeling the cold, try our thermal gloves or extensive range of work, leather and gardening gloves.


Feet feeling the cold, try our high-quality socks, lambswool insoles for your shoes and boots. Lambswool insoles are great, they keep my feet warm all day in my work shoes. I would recommend these to anyone.

Neoprene wellies can give you that extra bit of warmth while you are out in the fields with your stock or on a dog walk.

Wear sturdy footwear, with a good grip, you can always change in other footwear when you have reached your destination. Take it slowly and allow extra time so you can avoid that last minute dash to the bus or train station if you are not travelling by car on the pavements and roads.

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Be safe be seen. Torches are handy for the shorter days during winter or even a power cut. We stock powerful lithium rechargeable LED torches, multi-functional solar charging torches, hats with torches built in, torches that go on your keyring and torches light that will hang off hooks or by magnet.

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You’ll find everything you need at the country store, from a good pair of wellington boots to a well-built dog kennel, and really great service. Well worth a visit.

We look forward to welcoming you soon.


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