Animal Feeds Blog

Written by Jennie Banks

Animal Feeds Blog

Food Glorious Food. We have a great selection animal feeds for your smallholding or pets.

Do you keep chicken? We sell Layer pellets, mixed corn, oyster shell and poultry grit. Feed hoopers, drinkers and chick feeders. Protect your flock of chicken with poultry shield and poultry spice mineral supplement and pecking blocks.

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Feed your flock. Special mixes for sheep and goats, ewe rolls and pellets.  Starter and Finisher pellets for lambs and milk replacer for the orphan lambs. The joy of new life in the lambing season comes with a lot of hard work and we sell the right products that can help you to success. Sheep feed Prolapse spoons, lubricant, gloves, bottles, colostrum, milk powder and infra-red lamps. You will come flocking to John Bright Fencing for animal feeds! Supplement the nutrition of your cows and sheep with our range of licks for those vital vitamins and minerals. Bucket Licks Special licks, frobut tubby for orphan lambs to prevent diseases. For the health and wellbeing of your cattle and flock.

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Piggy Perfection. We sell sow rolls or pellets, pig super weaner, all your food for the sow and piglet.

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We stock an extensive range of Horse feeds mixes and cubes. Hay nets and hay. Bedding, horse salt licks, garlic powder, antiseptic spray and even saddle soap.

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Animal Bedding? Straw, shavings or miscanthus. What is best for your needs? We sell hay and straw in wads or bales. Bedmax, shavings in small or large flake or a pet sized bag. Miscanthus for your ducks or extra wet areas.

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People say that’s the man’s best friend is our Dog. We stock a wide range of comfy beds and handcrafted kennels. We sell lots of ranges complete dry dog food, kibble, grain free food and tinned dog food ranges. Give them the best nutrition. We can even order in your favourite brand for you. purchase animal feed For a treat or just to stop them chewing, hide bones, pig ears and dog biscuits.  Tasty Rabbit food, pellets and water bottles to give your friend that special hop. More of a Cat person? Keep your Feline friend happy with tasty dry Supacat food or food pouches, feed them the best. Keep your cat inside? We sell a range of Cat litter and wood pellets. Need a collar or lovely toys to keep them entertained.

See are extensive animal range in our country store at John Bright Fencing.

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