Bird feed

Written by Jennie Banks

Welcome the Birds to your Garden

Find the joy of watching birds in your garden.  Place a bird feeder near your window and enjoy from warmth and comfort of your home, simple pleasures during covid 19 restrictions.

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Here at John Bright Fencing we are open for you to come to purchase in store, by telephone or online and we will deliver for a small charge.  We stock various bird feeders, Click and Flick, Suet feeders, wooden, hammered steel and squirrel proof cages.

We sell a wide range of bird feeds and in various sizes for your requirements.  Wild bird food, peanuts, fat balls, suet mixes, niger seeds, sunflower hearts and black sunflower seeds.

It’s great to help the birds during the winter months when there is less food around in the countryside or for bird watching.

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We have a range of beautiful bird tables and houses for all tastes and budgets. Traditional wooden, slate roof, freestanding or place in a tree.

The birds will come flocking to your garden.

Welcome the Birds to your garden

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