water droplet

Written by Beth Bright

How we save water by harvesting every drop

Water is a precious resource and we don’t waste a drop.

We have been seriously water harvesting for a year now via a collection tank connected to the roof of the hay barn.  We’re currently looking at also harvesting from the workshop roof to increase our supply.

We save approx. 175,000 litres of water a year, equivalent to 7 years worth of loo flushes and 1,944 vehicle washes!

We always take our own harvested water to site in containers ready to mix concrete.  Collected rain water is also used to clean our trucks and tractors.

Solar panels may also be in the pipeline, so we are getting closer to being self sufficient!

Hand washing red vehicle John Bright van with dogs inside

Butt… what can you do?

It’s easy to collect water for the garden by installing a water butt. Pop into our COUNTRY STORE to choose yours.