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Written by Beth Bright

Back to school? Check those gates

A new school term starts next week and with the children occupied, it’s a chance to check garden gates to ensure they stay safe all year round.

The good gate guide

wooden bar gate

Whether you go big or keep it small, a gate needs protection too – from the elements and everyday use. Choose a wood preserve, oil, stain or paint and your gate will look good and last longer.

Wood or metal?

Silver metal gate Black metal gate           large wooden gate

Whilst a metal gate allows you to add decoration, a wooden gate gives texture and grain. Both can transform any space into somewhere really special.

Safe and sound

If you have children and pets, a gate is a barrier to danger. It protects them from traffic, water such as a pond and gives you peace of mind whilst they play. Rather than using sheet metal a square wire mesh is preferred to let the wind through.

wooden gate with wire

Strong and durable

Made to measure or off the shelf, gates should be strong and durable to withstand the wear and tear of opening and closing possibly many times a day.

Don’t forget the furniture

The right furniture for easy opening is also crucial, balanced with that reassuring click and close so you know the gate is secure.

Made to measure

We make a range of gates in our country store workshop. Our craftsmen have many years experience and expert knowledge. They can make bespoke gates to your exact specifications and needs.

Man making gates Iroko hardwood gate Border door wooden gate malvern21.jpg black

Discover our range of gates. For expert advice, call into our country store or call us on 01308 421 545