Chestnut horse in field at sunset

How to keep a horse happy

Written by Beth Bright

Summer was made for horses with lush green grass, longer riding days and balmy nights. However, heat and drought also calls for extra vigilance. The right feed, accessories, gates and fencing are all part of a horse’s general well being. Our country store is the perfect place to shop for everything equine and rest assured, our team is on hand to answer any questions.

Here’s our quick guide to keeping horses happy all summer long out in the field (with thanks to the Blue Cross).

Fields, gates and grass

  • Make sure all fencing is secure and horse-safe
  • Gates should be a minimum 3.6m wide and preferably inward opening
  • Know your grass and ensure it’s right for the horse

three horses in a field

Fencing to avoid laminitis

Temporary fencing to reduce rich grazing may be needed to avoid over eating and laminitis, a painful infection in horses’ feet and legs that causes lameness. Always seek advice about laminitis.

Horse in a field with fencing

Gate safety

Make sure gates open and shut securely and safely. Lower rungs of the gate can be covered to stop horses trapping their legs.

Pasture perfect

Pasture should be a mix of herbs and grasses. Check routinely for poisonous plants like ragwort which must be removed. Always wear gloves.

Woman with horse in field

Avoid too much sun

Make sure horses have somewhere to get away from strong sun.

Black horse outside stable

Food and drink

Horses drink a lot in hot weather so a supply of fresh clean water is vital. During the summer months, grass and hay can be plentiful but animals may still benefit from additional supplements and feed depending on their age, workload and general health. Always keep an eye on and maintain pastureland according to the weather and conditions.


Horses are sociable animals and like the company of other horses.

Horses touching noses

Have a lovely equine summer everyone. See you soon!







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