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Written by Beth Bright

Eye wateringly good cans! Beat the drought. 10 litres from £4.99

Without a drop of rain for weeks during peak growing season, the garden is under strain. It’s time to get clever with watering and a can really CAN make all the difference.

Light and easy

Our watering cans are lightweight and designed for comfort carrying water.

How many litres?

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Upwards of a ten litre can means less refills and a good soaking for pots, garden plants and veggies.

Don’t forget the rose

watering can rose watering lettuce

A detachable rose evenly distributes water over tender plants and seedlings – these guys don’t want a power shower, more of a gentle sprinkle. Turn it upside down for a different flow.

Handles well

A well balanced can with a friendly handle takes the strain off the body, a must when you’re giving the garden a long drink after a hot day.

Good for the environment

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Watering by hand wastes less water than hoses and sprinklers.

When to water?

Generally, watering in the morning, early, is the best time. But busy family life often makes this difficult. Evening watering is a good substitute and it’s lovely to get out in the garden and forget about the ups and downs of the day, fully absorbed in rehydrating thirsty plants. Focus on the base of the plant rather than a general all round drenching.

Save water

Mulching, considering drought resistant plants and collecting rain water all help to save this precious resource.

A literary classic

Brown rabbit in a field

Remember Peter Rabbit hiding from Mr McGregor in that Beatrix Potter classic? “Peter …jumped into a can. It would have been a beautiful thing to hide in, if it had not had so much water in it.”

Ancient history

Watering cans were first mentioned in the early 1000s although they went by another name way back then: watering pot.

If you can

Watering can be a peaceful moment in the day when you watch the sunset and help your garden to grow. Enjoy it if you can.

red rose with water droplets on petals

Refresh your watering routine with our range of cans in store.

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