rainbow parasol

Keep cool all summer

Written by Beth Bright

Finally, it’s heating up, big time. Our summer has been long coming and now it’s visiting with a Saharan wind and 30 degree temperatures. We’re having a heatwave.

three parasols on sandy beach

Shade. The new must have

outdoor picnic table and parasol



16’ wide x 10’ deep pressure treated Hanbury with optional decked floor

Our range of outdoor furniture is perfect for entertaining and our parasols provide shade from dawn till dusk.Farmers wooden swing seat

Sustainable charcoal. BBQ and help the environment

Our charcoal is locally sourced from Ben, a woodsman at Eggardon, West Dorset. Each bag is a blend of oak, ash, hazel, beech, maple and thorn that heats up quickly and lights easily.

A match, some newspaper and you’re ready to cook.

Vegetables on a barbecue

Make mine a milkshake

Our new organic milk vending machine is right outside the country store and open every day from 7am to 7pm.  The organic milk comes from Holy Cow, a local farmer’s herd of Jersey cows grazing on rich pastureland and is dispensed in reusable glass bottles or your own container. Milk costs from £1.30.

There’s no plastic, it’s low on food miles and being organic, is better for people, the cows, nature and the environment. Plus, it taste absolutely delicious, like the countryside in a bottle.

A separate vending machine also contains yoghurt, cheese, eggs and bacon. Perfect for an alfresco breakfast!

food vending machinesMilk vending machine

And finally, here’s a trip down memory lane and that song about a tropical heatwave.

Have fun in the sun. Summer starts here! 


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