Opening of vending machine

Breaking moos: our organic milk vending machine is open!

Written by Beth Bright

Never run out of milk again with our organic milk vending machine dispensing delicious milk from local Jersey cows grazing on rich pastureland. Find out more about Holy Cow organic milk here 

* Open 7am to 7pm every day

* 1 litre & 250ml organic milk in reusable glass bottles

* Milk from £1.30

* Fresh milk less than 48 hours from the cow

* 5 day shelf life

* Cool bag £4

* Card payment only

* Buy yoghurt, cheese, eggs and bacon too

Milk pouring into glass bottleItalian milk vending machinefood vending machines






Thank you to everyone who came to the launch

Women cutting ribbon

Women holding milk

People at event

Family buying milk from vending machine

There was food…

Tray of scones, strawberries and biscuits

Child at picnic table

Milk bottle on tray of food

…And fun

People laughing outside shed

Get your organic milk from 7am to 7pm at the machine outside our country store on the B3162 at Salway Ash, DT6 5HT. 

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