laburnum archway

Written by Beth Bright

Underneath the arches

An archway is a gateway and an invitation. It can entice you down a path, mark an entrance or exit and encourage you to explore. But which archway is right for your garden?

Florence wooden garden archMake your mark

An archway adds personality and style to a garden so choose something that reflects your individuality.


This Whitby arch has an appealing boat shape and rustic style with wider steps that can withstand strong branches or vigorous growing plants.

Create a destination

Play around with where to site the archway, take pictures of the garden, use bamboo or hazel as a model to work out where the structure will look best. Look at the planting layout to see where an archway might join together side by side spaces. Consider sizes: are you going for a dramatic look or something more contained?

Rose wooden archWhat to grow?

Roses are traditional, clematis exuberant, honeysuckle will give you the sweet smell of summer while wisteria may take a while. In the meantime, how about an abundance of sweet peas, blackeyed susan or morning glory?

Blackeyed susan

Purple sweet peas
Rose archway

Off the shelf or bespoke?

We have a range of archways to suit all budgets and styles but if you prefer, we can create a made to measure design for your garden in our onsite workshop. Check out more of our arches and pergolas. We are happy to help with siting, design and construction.

Infinity wooden arch

Enjoy this summer underneath your garden archway. Discover our range of arches and pergolas.