rabbit in field of daisies

Written by Beth Bright

School’s out. Our guide to happy Easter holidays

Schools break up for Easter holidays today so here’s our take on what to do in the holidays with the kids and grandkids.

Bird Tables

The RSPB’s latest birdwatch figures from the Big Garden Birdwatch show the Beast from the East took a heavy toll on smaller birds. There were 27% less long tailed tits and 17% less wrens. The good news is the house sparrow is making a comeback with numbers increasing by 10%. Feeding the birds during spring when they need energy to care for young will help them thrive. Get the kids involved spotting birds wherever you are, even in the most unlikely places – wagtails aren’t called car park birds for nothing! A bird table is a simple way to count, feed and get to know which species are frequent garden visitors.

pied wagtail on pink step

Children’s Swings

Remember that feeling of flying when you were a kid on a swing in the park? Total freedom. Kids love swings. Time to watch the joy on their faces when they help put up their own in the garden and the excitement when they clamber on for the first time. Happy days.

Children in swings and on rope ladder

Plant shedloads

Plant easy seeds that grow fast and kids enjoy eating such as lettuce, radish, runner beans and nasturtium (edible flowers). Other easy flowers include sweet peas, cornflower and marigolds. They’ll soon be hooked and the potting shed will be a magical place that helps them connect with nature now and in the future.

Terracotta pots stored upside down

Playhouses and Summerhouses

Playhouse or summerhouse, kids love a space outside that can be all theirs, even if only for an afternoon. It’s a place to read, picnic, play or just relax hearing stories about when you were small.

Wooden playhouse and toys on lawn

Animal farm

Get the kids involved in caring for chickens this Easter as well as eating chocolate eggs. What better place to start than choosing a hen house or poultry palace. Maybe a pet rabbit is on the list and you can discover a new home for the Easter bunny together from our range of hutches and runs.

Hen inside poultry palace

We’re open throughout the school holidays so bring the kids and browse. See you soon.