Garden bamboo canes tied together

Written by Beth Bright

Reach for the sky. Bamboo canes

Sow easy

Bamboo canes against blue sky
Bamboo canes are a gardener’s go to. They are light yet strong, happy to stand outside in all weathers and come in all sizes. Use canes for plants and vegetables to add vital support as young seedlings grow, especially runner beans, broad beans, peas and tomatoes. They can also be used with netting and guards to provide a sturdy supporting structure.

Watch and grow

Seedlings easily grab onto a cane and vigorously shoot up towards the light. In summer, they seem to visibly grow before your eyes. Whether you use canes in straight lines or teepee fashion, they can be tied together and once covered in leaves and tendrils, create a living garden sculpture.

Tomatoes on the vine   Runner beans  Pink sweet pea flowers





Vertical gardening

When space is tight or beds are full it’s time to head skywards. Going up helps air circulation and aids pollinators like bees to find the sweet delights they are looking for.

Young plants around bamboo canes

Yes you cane!

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