Jack Russell dog licking mouth looking at food bowl

Written by Beth Bright

Free food with every pet home *OFFER*

Home from home

Our special winter warmer offer is all about pets feeling safe, cosy and well fed.

Whether you have a big dog or small rabbit, our pet houses really are home from home. Sturdy, safe and easy to clean, they’ll keep your favourite animals warm and sheltered all winter long.

Feed the birds… dog, rabbit, chickens, guinea pig

Whenever your buy your dog, rabbit, chicken or bird a new home, we’ll give you a FREE bag of food:

  • Dog kennel + dog food
  • Poultry palace + mixed corn
  • Rabbit hutch + Russell Rabbit or Gertie Guinea food
  • Bird table + peanuts
  • Poultry house + layers pellets
  • Poultry house with run + mixed corn
 Our offer ends on 9th February 2019, so start looking for a new home TODAY!

Need help choosing the right home or food for your pet? Just ask!