Red sunrise with trees

January. Cold, Bright, Busy

Written by Beth Bright

The new year is a time of new beginnings. While nature sleeps, there’s still a lot to be done in the garden. And of course, the birds need our help over winter when food is scarce and the environment tough.

Robin singing in tree

The simplest feeder in the garden will help keep them healthy and nourished whilst a bird table will give them even more sustenance as temperatures plummet. Check out our range of feeders and birdtables and selection of peanuts, sunflower hearts, Niger and wild bird seed.

BishopdaleSparrow at bird feeder


Winter means taking care of tools, furniture and garden implements, whether it’s a general overhaul to protect against the elements or finding space to store them in a shed – maybe it’s time to upgrade to a larger shed or do a little tlc on your existing one.wooden shedsBewdley-Pent-7-x-5-v2Bewdley-Apex-2[1]

Whatever the weather, we’re here for all your gardening needs. And in the meanwhile, keep warm with a handy supply of logs and kindling, available in store. Keep a stockpile ready with one of our log stores.

Logs burning on fire

See you soon.

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