Fir tree with snowman bauble

Written by Beth Bright

Keep it real. Trees in store 1st December

Christmas isn’t Christmas without…a real tree. We love them and have been selling beautiful home grown West Dorset fir trees for many years. They don’t just look great they SMELL great. Walk in the room and you’re instantly transported to a pine forest. And even before you’ve decorated in your own style, there’s the joy of choosing a tree that’s going to live with you over the festive season as the centre of the celebrations.


Scientists at Japan’s Kyoto University found the smell of pine needles helped anxiety, stress and depression (2007 study).

Norway spruce (Picea Abies)

Norway spruce tree and cones

Displaying vivid green pointy needles, this is the classic Christmas tree from your childhood. It’s the marathon runner of trees having leaner branches than a Nordmann Fir but with an unmistakeable pine scent that conjures up sleigh bells and Santa. The spruce is perfect for outdoor spaces too so friends and family enjoy a big forest welcome even before they step inside.

Nordmann Fir (Abies nordmanniana)

Nordmann fir tree branch

Britain’s best selling Christmas tree, less fragrant than the Norway spruce but what it lacks in scent it makes up for in sheer presence. Native to southern Russia, it’s big, bold with less prickly needles and is favoured for being more child and pet friendly. These branches can take heavier baubles and are more drop proof.

How to keep your Christmas tree in shape

Our trees arrive in store on Saturday 1st December by special elf delivery. Ho Ho Ho!

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