Decreasing thermometer readings

Written by Beth Bright

Think fencing as temperatures tumble

It’s getting colder after another mild spell. But a little sensible planning can avoid problems and ultimately save money.

Watch out for high winds

hurricane meteorological aerial shotPanels and posts take a hit during windy weather. Check how solid they are by pushing against them for an impression of how they would cope when it’s blowing a gale. If there’s a wobble, it’s time to firm up replacement plans.

Stop the rot

Unstable wooden post and fenceRot will make your fence panel or gate post weaker. Check for leaves and debris and take immediate action if you spot damage.

Seal the deal

Peeling green wooden fence panelsAdd another coat of paint or stain to protect wood and extend its life when the weather bites.

Tree trouble?

Split tree trunkOverhanging branches can be a threat to sheds and summerhouses. Check branches aren’t weakened and keep an eye they’re not getting weighed down with snow over winter.

Ask for help

Solution signOur Dorset fencing business has been trading for over 35 years. We are more than happy to give you the benefit of our experience.

Don’t forget we have a supply of logs to keep you warm!