Autumn red tree

Written by Beth Bright

October jobs in the garden

As we edge further into autumn, there’s still lots to do in the garden before the days get shorter and colder. It’s time to savour the last of the sunshine and enjoy a riot of colour that heralds one of the year’s most spectacular seasons.

Plant bulbs

Early planting means warmer soil but when it comes to Tulips they don’t mind hanging around until November, so there’s still time for splashes of colour whatever your schedule.

crocuses in soil

Welcome home houseplants


They’ve sunned themselves enough (and what a summer) but houseplants that have been outside now need to come in, they’ve had their fun. Give them a chance to get used to the idea and acclimatise slowly.

Divide and rule

Herbaceous geranium


Make more plants by dividing herbaceous perennials like geraniums. The ground is still warm, they’ll have time to bed in ready for winter and your borders will look lush.

Prune away

Red climbing rose

Give climbing roses a good chop. That new look may seem drastic but they’ll pay you back with an abundance of blooms next year.

Love your lawn

Lawn being mowed

Give the grass one last mow and trim hedges ready for whatever winter has to throw at them.

From pots to potting sheds we’ve got just what your garden needs. See you soon!