Wooden fence with red autumn leaves

Fence fitness: get in shape for autumn

Written by Beth Bright

It’s getting gusty out there. Storms have caused havoc across the country and it’s a reminder to batten down the hatches in the garden ahead of the autumn gales.

Panels, posts, ponds

Check then check again. Wobbly panels and rotting posts won’t stand high winds and storms – replace now for peace of mind when the weather gets really rough.

lighthouse under stormy sky

Net & forget

Autumn means a carpet of leaves and you don’t want them to all end up in the pond. So, net and forget.

Autumn leaves floating on water

Shed stuff

Sort the shed and show it some TLC. You’re less likely to have mice move in when the cold snap bites and there’s no place to hide.

mouse peeping out from rock

Autumn is a good time to take stock in the garden and consider the highs and lows of the past few months.

Then you can plan for next year…

Make things happen sticker on pinboard

Hope to see you soon!

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