Walditch field and outbuildings in summer

Come rain or shine

Written by Beth Bright

It’s been a summer of records. Not only did we make it through the penalty shoot out in Russia but back home we’ve endured temperatures and drought echoing the long hot days of 1976.

Bare legs sticking out of car window wearing trainers

Now it looks like we’re all set to see the celsius climb to 36.7C, like it did in 2015. But whatever the weather, your garden needs you. And you need it. What better place to watch the sunset, entertain friends and family or let the dog cool down?

dog cooling down under hosepipe spray

From sheds to summer beds, we can help you, your garden and your pets survive summer.

Burton Bradstock field in summer

Come and see us in store or on August 5th at the Cattistock Show.



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