Texel sheep in field

NFU evening. Oh what a night

Written by Beth Bright

We were honoured to host a National Farmers’ Union (NFU) evening recently at the countrystore which included a trip to see our hayfields and flock of Texel sheep. It was a real family event and great to see the kids join in the fun. Thank you to everyone who came along and to mum, Beth, for the fab food. Here’s a snapshot of the night.

All aboard

Tractor and trailer

We started off in true farming style piling into the back of a trailer. But after a technical hitch we switched to a convoy of four wheel drive vehicles to get us all there on time. It proved to be an ice breaker and a lot of laughs.

Big sky, beautiful view

Texel sheep in field


Panoramic views at 300 feet above sea level under an endless Dorset sky are something I never take for granted.

The land I love

People in field

I’m a country girl married to a farmer and being a member of the NFU family is a big part of our lives.


man working wood machine watched by boy

Making our gates and fences takes craftsmanship and care. This is Josh showing one of the younger NFU team how it’s done.

Bright ideas

Man talking about woodMan talking about making a gate



Despite starting John Bright’s 35 years ago, dad has never lost his passion for the business.






The perfect finish

Man next to gate

From start to finish, we never cut corners. Here’s a gate Ashley made earlier – and yes, we always deliver service with a smile.

For more information, call 01308 421 545 or pop into the countrystore.  

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