Garden with tulips, trowel and gloves

Garden variety

Written by Beth Bright

At last, it’s April and longer warmer days lay ahead. Now is the time to get out in the garden and give the ground the TLC it needs to make spring start with a flourish.

Get muck in

Handful of garden compost

At this time of year if the ground could talk it would say ‘Feed me!’ Pile on the nutrients and you’ll be rewarded with spring shoots and plants galore come summer. But how much is enough? Around a 10-12cm layer of good quality compost should do the trick.

Fix fencing

Panels behind wall

Borders and boundaries don’t have to be boring. A little thought goes a long way in making any space more interesting and enjoyable. Don’t wait until plants are in full bloom, decide on what kind of fencing works best in your garden: is it to keep children and animals safe or simply decorative? Are you thinking contemporary or traditional style? And what kind of material? A well chosen fence provides privacy and peace of mind.

 Make a grand entrance

Country style gate

A good gate makes all the difference, not just because it gives a sense of security, it also adds style and a finishing touch. Off the shelf or made to measure, it’s the gateway to your garden.

From fences to furniture, we’re all you need to put some zing into spring. 

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