Ice crystals

Written by Beth Bright

The beast from the east in West Dorset

We rarely see snow in this neck of the woods. And a red alert? Isn’t that when you get too much sun? This week has seen both the beast from the east arrive in West Dorset and alerts all round, red and amber. The kids have enjoyed snow days, sledging and snowball fights in scenes straight from a Christmas card. But it’s not all fun and games. People and animals struggle in such treacherous conditions, so here’s our guide to sensible snowdom.


coal burning on a fire

We’ve got coal, logs and kindling to keep your home and toes warm.


Couple with dog cosy and drinking coffee

We know this is a friendly place but now more than ever is the time to look out for each other.


Girl sitting with puppy

They may carry their winter coats around with them but dogs, cats and smaller animals aren’t over keen on these Arctic conditions either. Keep them cosy with nutritious food, comfy bedding and a warm place to rest after being outdoors.


Blue Tit bird in snow covered tree

These harsh conditions play havoc with birds energy levels so supplementing their diet with high protein feed boosts their survival chances.


Moonlit snow scene

We have the right stuff to get you through the big freeze from snow shovels to wellingtons.  Call in or call us on 01308 421 545.