Decorated Christmas tree in snow with girl in red

Written by Beth Bright

How to keep your Christmas tree happy

A real tree is a real joy: the fragrance, touch and sheer wonder of having a little bit of pine forest at home. Here’s how to keep your Christmas tree looking lovely for longer.

cartoon christmas tree

 Saw point

Just like you cut off the bottom of flowers before putting in a vase, do the same with your Christmas tree. Removing a few centimetres from the stem allows it to drink more freely.

 handsaw-159622__340wood sawwood saw

Water water water

Real trees drink loads. They need around two pints of water every day. Be sure and quench your tree’s thirst but take care not to get any water near the electrics or lights. A hydrated tree is definitely a happy tree.

Water droplet and ripples

Cool as you can

It’s tricky when the temperature drops outside and all you want is to turn up the thermostat. Ideally, your tree should not be near a radiator or sunbathing by a window. Do your best to find a suitable spot but don’t over stress.

Ice crystals

Switch off

Remember to always turn off Christmas tree lights before you go to bed and whenever you leave the house.

red and black digital off button

And finally…

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