Incinerator in garden

Written by Beth Bright

The heat is on

As Guy Fawkes weekend approaches, it’s the perfect time to get out in the garden and do a little burning. All those prunings, thorny stems and weeds staring at you? Their end is nigh. We’ve got a great offer on incinerators until November 14 – starting at just £12.99 for our best galvanised 85 litre –  it won’t blow the bank but will make ash of everything.

Thorny problem?

rose stem thorn and snail

Autumn is all about pruning and preparation, getting the garden ready for cold weather and long dark nights. After all that nipping and tucking, what do you do with the leftovers? Swap endless trips to the tip for a little heat at home with your new incinerator. It’s easy to use, neighbour friendly and you’ll wish you bought one autumns ago.

Don’t trash the ash

Piles of wooden sticks burning

Ash is full of nutrients that gooseberry and currant bushes love. Once the ash is cold, add it to your compost heap or sprinkle around shrubs. Hello homemade potash.

Red gooseberries

Ash keeps on giving because slugs and snails are deterred by the dryness and steer well clear. That’s added value at any time of year.

Confidentially speaking

Metal sign saying private

There’s another upside to owning your own home incinerator: correspondence or junk mail you prefer not to recycle can be dropped in the bin and burned to invisibility. Very James Bond.

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