beech tree in autumn

Written by Beth Bright

Leave autumn to us

The Mamas & Papas had a hit song about it, John Keats wrote an ode to it and Americans call it something completely different. Autumn is here. Or Fall if you’re from the other side of the pond. Whatever, it’s the perfect time of year to get in the garden and make it ready for the coming cold season. 


Rake it up

Lawn Rake Lawn RakeLawn RakeLawn Rake

Leaves are a brilliant source of organic matter and give your soil structure. Rake them up, pile them high and put them in your compost bin OR let them decay naturally. Be warned, it will take a while…

 Leave some for the wildlife

ladybird on autumn leaves

Bugs and invertebrates use leaves and twigs as hideaways and homes during the cold season so make sure there’s some left.

 Love your lawn

maple leaf in autumn on grass

  Grass gets clogged at this time of year. The solution is to scarify to remove moss, weeds and thatch lurking in your lawn.

Feed the birds

blue jay with peanut in beak

As the temperature drops, birds need more energy just at the time food is harder to find. Nuts, fats and water will bring them flocking.

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