Shed at night with table and chairs outside

Written by Beth Bright

Shed sale now on: he shed, she shed or we shed?

Should I get a shed? You wonder about it then end up wondering how you ever lived without the extra space, place to store stuff and most importantly of all, somewhere you can go to get away from it all.

A shed has many uses.

Dylan Thomas wrote in his shed – a “word splashed hut” – and this inspired Roald Dahl to build his very own space where he penned children’s classics like Willy Wonka, Matilda and Danny Champion of the World.

Sheds are part of our psyche. We even have a national competition to find the best one. The 2017 winner of Shed of the Year was Benedict Swanborough for his incredible mushroom shaped space built for his teenage daughter. Others included a cinema, Tardis, flight simulator and hedgehog hospital. You’ll never think it’s ‘just a shed’ again.


Your guide to shedom

Our top ten tips for shed happiness:

  1. Where will the shed go? Decide if you’re making it a feature or prefer it to blend in
  2. Do you want a window? Great for seedlings or watching the sunset
  3. How much space do you need? If you’ve lots to store, think big
  4. Custom made or off the shelf? Maybe it’s a tricky space or you want something special
  5. Don’t forget the basics. Sheds need a solid base on level ground
  6. What about planning permission? Usually not necessary unless you live in a conservation area but check local planning online
  7. Don’t forget maintenance. It may seem like a good idea to put a shed up against a wall or fence until it comes to painting and maintaining
  8. What about electricity? Always get advice from a qualified electrician
  9. How will you keep things safe and secure? Good locks and a solid structure are vital
  10. Who will build it? Save time and trouble by calling in the experts
Brightly painted beach huts on beach

Shedloads of choice

Our range of Dorset sheds come in all shapes, sizes and styles. We can build the base, construct the shed and if you want, create a custom made design just for you. But if you prefer to do it yourself, simply choose your shed and drive it away (or we can deliver).


Shed on rocky hillside