Tubtrug: bucket, basket or box? You decide

Written by Beth Bright

You know how it is, there are jobs to do but before you get started you need the right bucket, box or basket. You spend ages looking, then there’s no time to sort stuff and the whole groundhog day begins again.

Not anymore. All you need is a tubtrug.

What is a tubtrug?

The answer’s simple: a tubtrug is as flexible as your imagination. Use it as a bucket to wash the car or when the dog is way too muddy to go anywhere near the bathroom.

black dog in mud puddle


It’s great for all kinds of pets: use a tubtrug to feed the chickens, horses and keep all things animal in one convenient place. Forget hunting for leads, tack or reins, it’s all in the tubtrug.

horses eating hay

All kinds of everyday uses

Now autumn is here with shorter days, darker nights and more time indoors it’s a chance to do some life laundry: sort the kids’ toys (no more treading on Lego – ouch), organise your wool/craft/clothes stash or make some room in the garage.

lots of Lego

When it comes to DIY, tubtrugs come into their own. Move rubble or stones, mix plaster or keep all your painting gear together. Organise tools, dust sheets, screws, nails – you name it, a tubtrug makes light work of the hardest jobs.

range of tools

Gardeners love tubtrugs

The garden may be past its best but there’s still lots to do, from leaf clearing to the last lawn mow. Tubtrugs are frost proof, UV resistant and comfortable to carry around. Squish the flexible sides together and you’ve got an instant watering can.

classic lawn mower



We love tubtrugs so much they’re on special offer until October 1st. Prices start from £3.70 so get a tubtrug in your life today.

extra large red tubtrugextra large red tubtrug

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